• Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Does it cost me (the merchant) anything to get started? No. The only cost that you (the merchant) will incur is when someone (the customer) uses the gift card at your store. Your business will be charged 15% of the total transaction.

     What does the 15% charge go towards? The 15% charge actually goes back into the program to continue marketing your business while allowing us (the Chamber) to continue expanding the program!

     How much can someone purchase the Gift Card for? The Gift Card can be purchased for any amount under $500.

     Where can the Gift Cards be purchased? Gift Cards can be purchased in person at the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, over the phone or online at holyokechamber.com/store

     How will I (the merchant) be recognized as a Gift Card holder? Gift Card participants will be featured on the Chamber’s Gift Card webpage and on promotional marketing materials sent to over 20,000 members and nonmembers.

     How does this program benefit me (the merchant)? This essentially is a FREE marketing opportunity for you (the merchant)! If someone purchases the gift card and doesn’t use it, your business will not lose any money. If someone does buy a gift card and they find your shop on the list of ‘participating businesses’, that’s a new customer and new business walking through your door!

     How do I collect money from the Gift Card? Transactions are processed at the end of each month and distributions are paid to the business by the Chamber.

    How long do I have to be enrolled in the program for? There is no obligation to stay enrolled in the program. If you find it is not working for you, you can cancel at any time at no additional cost. If you decide you would like to come back, we will welcome you with open arms! Chamber members must be up-to-date on their dues in order to enroll in the program.